Bravi: a story that speaks of know-how and made in Italy for over 40 years.

Thanks to the inspiration and progress-oriented attitude of the owner and founder Pierino Bravi, Bravi Platforms is a globally recognized and respected mobile platform production company today, a pioneer of the creation of more efficient and safer methods to work at low heights.

A 40-year journey deeply rooted in the personal history of Pierino Bravi and his over twenty years of experience in the constructions sector. Pierino founded a small company that offered solutions and took on contracts in installations in 1978, a company that became Braviisol in 1980, among the leading companies in the sector in the Italian market by the early 1990s.

Efficiency and productivity are paramount for the Braviisol company, which in 1986 designs and builds the first mobile platform, the self-propelled B.P.3, with a working height of 18 meters. Pierino Bravi continues to innovate the low-level aerial equipment sector by improving his initial concept and adding other models. By making use of his experience, Pierino follows his intuition and creates new opportunities for his company, following his philosophy: “If the market does not offer adequate equipment, the solution is simple: invent it!”

In 1995 the first hydraulic vertical mast models were made: LUI S.I. (working height 9 mt) and LUI MINI, the first compact and self-propelled platform with a working height of 5 mt. This platform will be constantly improved over the years, eventually evolving into the Leonardo HD model.

In 2010, production expanded, with a range of picking machines being added. It also see the creation of the BRAVI PLATFORMS brand, a choice meant to reflect the, by-then, strongly international character of the company.

The experience and entrepreneurship of Pierino Bravi, the relationship and collaboration built with our customers and collaborators have allowed BRAVI PATFORMS to establish itself as a key player in the sector, ready to improve and proud to be 100% Made in Italy. Our machines have been created with both the end user and rental companies in mind, a machine that can satisfy all types of customers at 360°.


Bravi Pierino starts his activity in the installation sector.

The first mobile self-propelled platform Model B.P.3 is built, working height 18 mt.

LUI A – anchored version. A rack platform, modular and easy to transport. Working height 9 mt.

The first hydraulic lifting models are made: LUI S.I. (working height 9 mt) and LUI MINI, the first compact and self-propelled platform (working height 5 mt).

LUI 400 – the first model of BRAVI mobile platform to work up to 6 mt. This model was updated in 2010 and has become LUI 460 – working Height 6.60 mt with a total width of only 78 cm.

In order to maintain our competitiveness on the aerial equipment market, Bravi concentrates the company’s efforts and investments on the product that embodies innovation: the MINI LUI. This year, for the first time, the company participates at the BAUMA fair by exhibiting only this model. From this year on, the BRAVI company will gradually abandon the higher reaching platforms to concentrate on its new goal: to become a key player in the production of light and compact aerial work platforms for small heights.

CADDY – this year marks the expansion of BRAVI PLATFORMS into new markets with the introduction of the CADDY model, a maneuverable and compact vertical order picker, designed for use in the industrial and large-scale retail sector, for picking and material handling activities.

Restyling of the LEONARDO model which becomes a more robust machine, maintaining its ultra-compact footprint and light weight – the LEONARDO HEAVY DUTY (HD).

The range of material handling platforms expands with the introduction of the SPIN-GO model, a push-around order picker with motorized elevation, designed to replace stairs used in warehouses, shops, and shopping centers.

Following the requests of our customers in the rental market, a second version of the LEONARDO model was created: basic, more economic and with a total weight of only 398 KG – the BRAVI LITE

The LEONARDO model is enriched with the creation of a specific accessory for the installation of plasterboard/drywall panels: the SOLO GYPS.

The CADDY model becomes SPRINT with a complete external restyling, and partially internal.

The BRAVI order picker range is enriched with the Sprint TL, a unique order-picker, designed to facilitate the handling of tires and wheels, assisting recovery and storage.


Our Italian eye for details and craftsmanship characterize each production phase, from design to production and assembly. The production plant, as well as the administrative headquarters are located in the province of Ancona, north-east of the Marche region, about 30 km from the Falconara regional airport. BRAVI PLATFORMS covers a total area of ​​7.000mq, of which 3650mq covered. The main factory houses a workshop, an automatic assembly line, and an area reserved for safety and reliability tests. The internal workshop has been expanded and relocated in the new plant inaugurated in the autumn of 2019 and is equipped for the production of iron components and the welding of frames and baskets through the use of a modern robotic system.

Our production method guarantees high flexibility, allowing us to adapt quickly to changes in market demand. The single-station assembly line has allowed a careful analysis of times and costs over time, with consequent reduction of the latter, which has allowed us to keep the prices of the finished products extremely competitive without compromising our very high-quality standards. This competitive price is also supported by a lean and flexible commercial and management organization, which guarantees minimal structural costs. The After-Sales department, the spare parts warehouse and the Showroom are located inside a 650 square meter building, adjacent to the historic site, operational since September 2007. Current production capacity: 3,000 machines every year. Number of Employees: 55

International presence

BRAVI products are characterized by a set of prerogatives that differentiate them from all the other products currently on the market. Over time, versatility, compact size and simple design based on a purposefully reduced number of components have become the hallmarks of BRAVI products, making them successful worldwide. BRAVI products now boast a commercial presence that spans all 5 continents, with over 800 customers in over 50 countries. The main markets are USA, Germany, Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom. We guarantee constant technical assistance and effective spare parts logistics worldwide, so as to ensure that our customers’ machines are always fully functional. You can purchase components directly from us, through our online system or by contacting one of our service centers. Thanks to the high reliability and quality of our components and an efficient network of local companies we have entrusted assistance and maintenance services to, we can offer you the best support and guarantee fast deliveries and immediate assistance, anytime and anywhere.