Bravi Platforms closing out 2021 with record growth

Despite the still uncertain times and the continuous challenges brought up by this pandemic, BRAVI ends this 2021 with a significant business performance, which in terms of revenue has recorded an unprecedent increase that went above all expectations.

Compared to year 2020, we have recorded an overall increase in the sales volume of BRAVI products of a +70%, and a +81% if compared it to the average of the last 3 years. The main characterizing factors of this growth have been a +196% increase in the sale of the Leonardo HD model, a solid +26% for the stock picker range.

Considering the projected growth rate given by the current order balance, which as of today is 2.5 higher than the one recorded in the same period of 2021, BRAVI is planning new industrial property investments that will be consolidated within H1 2022. “We need to invest today in order to support the growth that will take place not only in 2022, but mostly in the forthcoming years” – states MD Pierino Bravi – “The positive feedbacks we constantly receive from our customers make us very confident on the impact that our range of products can generate on the market during the next years, and to better consolidate this conscious expansion, for 2022 BRAVI has already planned investments up to 1 million Euros.”

In light of this, BRAVI’s growth perspective for 2022 is currently expected to be of about a +50% compared to 2021 overall turnover.