Bravi Platforms H1 Report – 2022

After closing 2021 with an unprecedented +70% increase in the volume of sales compared to 2020, BRAVI’s performance during H1 2022 ended with solid and growing sales numbers and revenues. The growth recorded in this first semester of 2022 went slightly above to what the company initially forecasted. Compared to H1 2021, in fact, BRAVI saw a +60% in the volume of orders, which however, due to the widespread supply chain disruption and of subsequent delays occurring in the deliveries of components, it translated only to a +20% increase in overall turnover. Breaking down our product lineup, the main characterizing factors of this growth have been (year-over-year) a +57% increase in the sale of the Leonardo HD, a +53% of the Sprint, and an unexpected +100% increase in the sale of the Spin-Go model. “Considering the projected growth rate given by the current order balance, we estimate to be able to close this 2022 with a global increase in sales of a +50%. However, due to these delays from our suppliers we estimate that the actual revenue will translate only into a +30% increase in overall turnover, despite our increased production capacity.” states CEO Pierino Bravi. BRAVI’s commitments also continue on the investment front, with a special focus on the structural strengthening of the Team and on improving production’s automation. “In the past months, we were able to enhance our production cycle time going from 15 to 25 Leonardo HD and from 10 to 15 Sprint units manufactured per day” adds Pierino Bravi. Significant additional investments are already planned for 2023, that will be made public in the forthcoming months.