Leonardo HD

Outclassing other platforms with a series of innovation

Tailor-made to meet the operator’s need, LEONARDO HD is the vertical lift with the same simple design and user-friendliness of a basic manual solution like a ladder or a scaffold but with the improved innovative comfort of a self-propelled lift

  • working height of 5 mt (16 ft)
  • integrated forklift pockets
  • Long-lasting electrophoretic coating as standard for both chassis and basket to guarantee enhanced durability and protection of components in harsh environments
  • Intuitive and compact design perfect to fit and endless number of applications in areas with limited space
  • pothole protection mechanism and 87 mm (3.4 in) ground clearance
  • low ownership costs, best residual value and ROI in its category and premium warranty package


Thanks to its compact size LEONARDO HD allows the operator to easily travel around all types of jobsites through access doors, ramps, elevators and narrow spaces. The reduced weight and ability to overcome slopes of up to 35% allow LEONARDO HD to be loaded even on small vans, making transport easy and convenient. In wider spaces, the compact footprint and zero turn of LEONARDO HD allow for many more units to be present on the jobsite than regular scissor lifts, creating a situation where each operator will be using his own lift, vastly increasing worksite efficiency and cutting time and costs.


LEONARDO moves quickly and thanks to its 180 kg (397 lbs) unrestricted capacity and dual rollout decks provide outreach at both ends, lifts the operator with tools and materials, positioning him at the desired height. In this way, the risk of accidents due to the frequent manual loading of heavy materials is considerably reduced and the efficiency of each individual is maximized, avoiding unnecessary waste of time to carry out repositioning operations. The standard wheel locking system on the front casters allows LEONARDO HD to be moved in a straight line both forward and reverse. With this feature the operator can work in narrow corridors without the risk to make mistakes.


Simple, efficient, and comfortable LEONARDO HD is the result of continuous technical improvements. The careful selection of high-quality components, and an extremely simple yet effective design make LEONARDO HD virtually maintenance-free, designed to guarantee low costs of ownership and increased uptime.

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Piattaforma mobile 5 mt | Leonardo HD | Bravi Platforms


(ANSI compliant)
A – Platform Height2900 mm9 ft 6 in
B – Working Height4900 mm16 ft
C – Platform Length W/ decks ext.1700 mm67 in
D – Width760 mm30 in
E – Base Length1192 mm47 in
F – Height Stowed1747 mm68.7 in
G – Platform Length1036 mm40.7 in
H – Platform Width630 mm24.8 in
I – Entry Step400 mm15.7 in
Ground Clearance (front)92 mm3.6 in
Ground Clearance (middle)87 mm3.4 in
Platform Capacity w/ decks ext.180 kg397 lbs
Unit Weight (CE)530 kg (Indoor)1170 lbs
560 kg (Outdoor)1234 lbs
Rated Number of Occupants (CE)11
Drive Speed Stowed3 km/h1.9 mph
Drive Speed Elevated0,6 km/h0,35 mph
Raise/Lower Speed16 / 21 sec16 / 21 sec
Inside Turning RadiusZEROZERO
Outside Turning Radius1253 mm49.3 in
Hydraulic System Capacity4 lt1.05 US gal
Power Source110/220 V ca 24Vcc110/220 V ca 24Vcc
Batteriesn° 2 – 12V 85Ah@20h 105 Ah@20hn° 2 – 12V  85Ah@20h 105 Ah@20h