Sprint LP

Outclassing other platforms with a series of innovation

Evolution of the standard version, Sprint LP adds functions that allow the operator to manage a wider range of goods: from doors to large parcels. After being restyled 2024, the upgraded version of this one of a kind order picker has:

  • 5,35 mt (17ft 6in) working height
  • upgraded fully motorized Large Parcel Deck with integrated 90 kg capacity foldable load tray and rollers on both sides to facilitate the sliding of materials on board
  • intuitive and compact design allowing for an exceptional maneuverability
  • super low running costs, maintenance free mast and superior standard warranty package


Sprint LP lifts the operator and large parcels, easily positioning them at the desired height and allowing for faster and safer performance than if manually handled. The large parcel deck is integrated in the load tray design which can be lifted to become a large parcel attachment or lowered to act as the standard load tray. Perfect for simple picking and shelfs’ replenishment operations but also for more complex warehouse applications.


Hand sensors and dual footswitches on the platform ensure the correct position of the operator while actively onboard using the lifting functions. The heavy-duty large parcel deck design allows the operator to safely handle items up to 90 kg, reducing the risk of injuries related to the manual movement of goods. To avoid bad positioning and prevent injuries, the set of rollers on both sides of the deck grant a smoother picking and loading process.


Simple, efficient, and comfortable the Sprint LP is the result of continuous technical improvements. The careful selection of high-quality components, and an extremely simple yet effective design make the Sprint LP virtually maintenance-free, designed to guarantee low ownership costs and increased uptime.

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 METRICUS (ANSI compliant)
A – Working Height5350 mm17 ft 6 in
B – Platform Height3350 mm10 ft 11 in
C – Height Stowed1440 mm56.6
D – Base Length1500 mm59 in
E – Width808 mm31.8 in
F – Entry point360 mm14 in
G – Large Parcel Deck Width401 mm15 in
H – Large Parcel Deck Height334 mm13 in
I – Foldable Load Tray Length600 mm23 in
L –Foldable Load Tray Width700 mm27 in
M – Platform Capacity130 kg286 lbs
N – Overall Tray Capacity90 kg198.4 lbs
Unit Weight (CE)714 kg1574 lbs
Rated Number of Occupants (CE)11
Drive Speed Stowed5 km/h3.1 mph
Drive Speed Elevated1,2 km/h0.74 mph
Raise/ Lower Speed18 / 15 sec18 / 15 sec
Inside Turning RadiusZEROZERO
Outside Turning Radius1600 mm62 in
Max. Gradeability (when elevated)max. 2°max. 2°
Power Source110/220 V ca 24Vcc110/220 V ca 24Vcc
Batteriesn° 4 – 6V 245Ah@20hn° 4 – 6V 245Ah@20h