Outclassing other platforms with a series of innovation

The Sprint is an innovative and versatile order picker that increases productivity and efficiency, offering superior safety

  • an innovative order picker
  • working height 5.35 m
  • it can complete a full rotation on its axis
  • 80.8 cm wide, 150 cm long
  • control panel equipped with a large LCD display showing vehicle status, system operating time and battery status via a charge indicator


Sprint si sposta velocemente e solleva simultaneamente sia l’operatore sia i materiali all’altezza desiderata. L’innovativa mensola di carico trasporta fino a 90 kg e può essere regolata elettricamente premendo semplicemente un pulsante a bordo. È inoltre possibile stoccare materiale aggiuntivo sulla pedana di trasporto del cofano fino a un massimo di 113 kg, riducendo notevolmente i tempi di inattività. Tutte le funzioni si attivano senza dover spostare la mano dall’acceleratore, per il massimo comfort dell’operatore.


Sprint has a driving speed of 5 km / h when lowered and 1.2 km / h when raised. Dual sensors in the handle and dual foot-operated devices on the platform ensure the correct position of the operator while actively on board or while using the lifting functions. Sprint technology allows the operator to load, move and lift goods in complete autonomy and in complete safety, avoiding the risk of falls and possible injuries.


Simple, efficient and comfortable, Sprint is the result of continuous technical improvements. The innovative lifting system requires no maintenance, while the careful selection of high quality components and an extremely simple, yet effective design make Sprint virtually maintenance free, designed for low cost of ownership. It is also possible to completely eliminate battery maintenance by choosing the AGM battery option, also available for all other models.

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Platform Height3350 mm
Working Height5350 mm
Platform Length1500 mm
Platform Width808 mm
Height Stowed1441 mm
Entry Step356 mm
Platform Capacity w/ decks ext.130 kg
Load Tray Capacity90 kg
Load Deck Capacity113 kg
Unit Weight (CE)660 kg
Rated Number of Occupants (CE)1
Drive Speed Stowed5 km/h
Drive Speed Elevated1,2 km/h
Inside Turning RadiusZERO
Outside Turning Radius1600 mm
Gradeabilitymax. 2%
Power Source110/220 V ca 24Vcc
Batteriesn° 4 – 6V; 245Ah@20h