Industry 4.0

Industria 4.0 | Bravi Platforms


POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 – AXIS 1 – OS 1 – ACTION 1.3

The overall objective of the project is to move the company towards a complete transition from an old management system to a more integrated and functional one. The first part of this investment plan involved a series of purchases aimed at improving the quality and productivity of the column body on our platforms.

The centrepiece of the project was the acquisition of a new system for the numerically controlled machining of all the extensions of the levator column (a feature of Braviisol aerial platforms), an innovative system for the automatic gluing of the graphite plates, and an additional machine for their assembly.

With a total investment of € 1,133,866.70 and thanks to the financial support received from the European Union in the amount of € 189,178.44, an improvement in factory output, a more incisive penetration of international markets, the implementation of production control, both in terms of progress and process parameters, modernisation of the plants and adaptation to the best current standards in terms of Industry 4.0 and interconnection between production machines and the company’s management system were achieved.

Finally, through the 4.0 system it was possible to ensure a traceability path from the supplier to the end customer, thus raising the quality level of our end product.